La Riche

La Riche - Directions Hair Dye

Since 1981, La Riche has established itself as one of the worlds leading Hair Dye brands. They have Pioneered bright and bold colours, unique shades and tones, and soft pastels, making them one of the most respected brands. La Riche, manufacture Directions Hair Colour in England and their products are loved all over the world. 

Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free!

La Riche has never tested any of their product on animals and never will. Completely vegan hair dyes and cruelty-free hair dye products.

No Ammonia, No Peroxide and No PPD's

That's right! La Riche Directions Hair colours contain no ammonia, peroxide or PPD's and they are incredibly safe and easy to use.

Hair Care Products

La Riche has also formulated a fantastic range of Shampoo's and Conditioners to help you get the most of your colour. The Pre Colour Shampoo will balance your hairs PH before dying whilst removing excess oils to ensure the best results from the Hair Colour. Whilst the Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner have been developed to be kind to your hair and will ensure your colour lasts!

Hair Lightening Kits

La Riche also manufactures Bleach kits to lighten your hair. These come in 30 % and 40% volumes. You may often need to pre-lighten your hair before colouring to ensure your colour really pops!

40 Years Of Colour

With over 40 years of experience in producing world-leading hair dyes, La Riche is a brand you can trust.

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